September 8, 2019

Welcome and Welcome Back to Division 17!

This past week we have focused on: 1) Learning and reviewing the classroom expectations, 2) Completing pre-assessments in reading, writing and math, and 3) Getting to know each other.

The Week Ahead: This week we will continue beginning of the year activities. We will also begin to settle in with work in math, language and culture.

  • Language-Students will have Home Reading to do in their planners (as noted in the letter home–recorded in planners 5x a week and initialed by a parent).
  • Math-Students will begin math notebook work which is assigned and individualized based on last week’s assessment. Our focus this term will be numeracy and operations. They will also begin a History of Math assignment.
  • Culture-We will begin our study of First Nations of BC by contextualizing them in the Montessori story of the Creation of the Universe and the Arrival of Humans. We will also look at some primary documents to learn which First Nations groups were in Vancouver.
  • Art-Students will begin a self-portrait.
  • PE-We will begin a baseball unit next week. Note that our PE days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students need to wear runners in order to participate.
  • French-Students will have French with Mr. Richard on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Forms: As you know, a letter was sent home last Wednesday presenting general information about the class expectations and the year ahead. There was also a permission form to allow students to go on neighbourhood walks any day of the year. Please also look for other forms that have or been turned out or will come out next week:

  • Information packet from the PAC
  • Field trip form for a trip to Vanier Park on Friday, September 13.
  • Soon to come out: a packet from the office including verification forms, medical forms, etc.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, September 9–First Assembly just after 9AM. Our class will be presenting the poem, “All I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”.
  • Friday, September 13–Field trip to Vanier Park as an introduction to our study of First Nations in BC. The only cost for this trip is bus fare. Students may bring a Compass Card or $4 in change.
  • Monday, September 16-Friday, September 19: Book Fair:
  • Monday, September 23–Professional Day. There is no school for students.
  • Monday, September 30–Orange Shirt Day
  • Friday, October 4–Individual Picture Day
  • Monday, October 7 and Wednesday, October 9–Goal-Setting Conferences. Class will be dismissed at 2pm on both days.

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