In the Loop September 15, 2019

IMG_1711IMG_1712Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students should study the second half of their “No Excuse Spelling” list IMG_1633for a test this coming Friday. As a reminder, students should be recording their Home Reading in their planners and getting a parent’s signature 5 times a week. We will begin interviewing each other this week for a biography writing assignment.
  • Math: Since I have had a chance to assess students, we have begun individualized IMG_1671math work. Some students are reviewing skills and some are building on what they know. There will be additional math work this week, History of Math, in which students look at and apply patterns in math systems. Grade 4s will look at the Egyptian system, Grade 5s at the Roman system and Grade 6s at the Mayan system.
  • CultureThis week we will take a closer look at the lives of First Nations in BC through the Montessori concept of Fundamental Needs. We will also practice reading and critical thinking skills to preview a non-fiction text we will use, From Time Immemorial.
  • PE: As a reminder, our PE days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students are expected to wear proper shoes for PE. This may mean bringing an extra pair to school if students are in rain boots.
  • Art: We will continue to work on self-portraits, focusing on colour concepts (warm and cold colours, complementary colours).
  • French: Students will continue  French with M. Richard on Wednesdays and Thursdays. M. Richard will be spending most of the class periods speaking French and expects students to do their best to speak only French.

Forms: A packet from the office including verification forms, medical forms, etc. was sent home last week. Thank you to those of you who have already returned the completed forms. All are due this Thursday, September 19. Please look for another field trip form coming home this week (below).

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, September 16-Friday, September 19: Book Fair: The gym will be open before and after school for book sales. Our class may also make purchases on Monday  during our class’ visit to the fair.
  • Thursday, September 19: Beginning-of-the-Year forms due to the office.
  • Friday, September 20: Terry Fox Run: All students are asked to bring a loonie or a toonie to help raise money for cancer research.
  • Monday, September 23–Professional Day. There is no school for students.
  • Thursday, September 26: Meet the Teacher: There will be a brief meet-and-greet in the afternoon.
  • Monday, September 30–Orange Shirt Day Friday. More details to come.
  • Wednesday, October 2: Field Trip to the Museum of Anthropology: We will be participating in the program, “Archaeology of the Lower Fraser Valley.” Please look for the field trip form out this week.
  • Friday, October 4–Individual Picture Day
  • Monday, October 7 and Wednesday, October 9: Goal-Setting Conferences. Class will be dismissed at 2pm on both days.

Field Trip to “Kitsilano Indian Reserve No. 6” and Kitsilano Beach Park: Last Friday, the weather held for our navigation to and exploration of Squamish land on Kits Point. Students used a variety of maps (and asked locals) to find our way around Squamish land. Later at Kitsilano Beach Park, we had a good stretch of play time with friends old and new from Ms. Lucas and Ms. Griffiths’ classes. We are grateful to the chaperones who joined us for the day.

The Heart, the Mind and the Hand: The last Great Montessori Story is “The Coming of Humans”. In it, we consider humans compared to other animals and ask, What makes them unique? Below are some representations by students.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“I Am From. . .” Poems: If you get a chance to stop in to school this week, take a look at the poems students wrote last week. The colourful examples in these identity poems will warm your heart.

Back to School Resource: I thought I’d share a parenting article I found in the New York Times, “How to Help Your Child Succeed at School”.


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