In the Loop September 29, 2019

FullSizeRender 5Work for the Week:

  • Language: This week we will begin looking at First Nations stories. There will be a spelling test at the end of the week. On Friday, Home Reading and Reading Journals are due.
  • Math: Students will have their individualized math work to do as well as grade level problem solving.
  • Culture: We will revisit the concept of Fundamental Needs, before students begin individual preparation for a group project on a particular fundamental need of BC First Nations (transportation, shelter, etc.). We will also begin preparing for the upcoming election by looking at the role of our federal government.
  • Core Competencies: Students will practice goal-setting for the term in preparation for conferences next week.


  • Monday, September 30–Orange Shirt Day Friday. Students are encouraged to wear orange shirts (in the words of residential school survivor Phyllis Webstad) “to honour residential school survivors and their families” as this is a day “for survivors to tell their stories and for us to listen with open hearts.” See more about our discussion of Orange Shirt Day below.
  • Wednesday, October 2: Field Trip to the Museum of Anthropology: We will be participating in the program, “Archaeology of the Lower Fraser Valley.” The field trip form was sent out last week–I am still waiting for a few forms to come in. We will leave school before recess and return before 3pm. Students who are using Compass Cards for the bus are reminded to bring them.
  • Friday, October 4–Individual Picture Day
  • Monday, October 7 and Wednesday, October 9: Goal-Setting Conferences. Class will be dismissed at 2pm on both days. I will send assigned conference times home with students on Monday. There are a few slots left after 4pm on both days. Please send your form in on Monday if you haven’t done so.
  • Monday, October 14: Thanksgiving holiday. No school.

Our Writing Community: We are just getting started building our community of writers. We practice Writer’s Workshop, in which students are expected to regularly share their writing. Giving feedback, an invaluable skill, is also part of this process. I was impressed how well our first session of the year went.IMG_1962 3IMG_1961 2IMG_1959 2

Orange Shirt Day: On Friday, we began thinking about Orange Shirt Day, by connecting through a question: How did you feel on your first day of school? Feelings among the class included excited, nervous, scared, curious–and we all agreed it turned out okay. School was, in fact, a good place to be. We then learned about the experience of Phyllis Webstad and other children who attended residential schools. These are some of the students’ reactions.IMG_1944

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We spent some time looking at the scope of residential schools in Canada with this interactive map.

Goal Setting for Health: I asked students to brainstorm: What are the benefits of being physically active? What a range of responses! What really caught my attention? Most answers were not about the physical benefits, but all the mental, emotional and social benefits.

IMG_1963 3IMG_1964IMG_1960 3IMG_1965 3Climate Strike: Some of our class went to the climate strike downtown. The rest of us were with the marchers in spirit, delighting in the blustery, bright fall day.


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