In the Loop October 20, 2019

IMG_2194IMG_2195Assignments for the Week: This week will look a little different. We have a four-day week and a field trip on Tuesday. In between, students will be presenting their First Nations group lessons OR we will be split up: grade 4s will be involved in FSA testing, while grade 5s and 6s will have work period.

  • Language: All students will begin work with conventions and have Home Reading. Grade 5s and 6s will complete a current event assignment on vaccines. The presentation of oral stories will be postponed another week. All students should complete the planning sheet, review the rubric, and be prepared to present the week of October 28.
  • Math: Grade 5s and 6s will have problem-solving and independent math work.
  • Culture: Six of the seven groups will present their First Nations lesson this week. Most groups are assigning work to their students to be completed during the lesson.


  • Monday, October 21, Wednesday, October 23, Thursday, October 24, Monday, October 28 and Tuesday, October 29: FSA Testing: These are the dates that Montessori grade 4s will be taking the Foundational Skills Assessment (FSA). There are five parts to the test. Each takes about an hour. We will only do one part per day. I will be proctoring the test for all grade 4s. Grade 5s and 6s will work on assignments in Ms. Griffiths and Ms. Lucas’ rooms.
  • Monday, October 21: Assembly from Dancepl3y. Students will get a taste of the dance classes that will be offered during lunch for the next few days, thanks to the PAC. It is also Election Day for the adults!
  • Tuesday, October 22: Field trip to the Museum of Vancouver for the “Resilience
    We will look at these themes at the Museum of Vancouver.

    and Reconciliation” program, as well as for a self-guided tour of the “Wild Things”, “The Truth is Here” and “Haida Now” exhibits, all of which are related to First Nations’ history. Please note that we meet in the classroom early: at 8:35. Also, students who are planning to use their Compass Cards should bring them. We should all be prepared for some walking in the rain.

  • Friday, October 25: Professional Day. There is no school for students.
  • Tuesday, November 5: Field Trip to Fort Langley. We will be taking a chartered bus (subsidized by the Montessori PAC–thanks!). Please look out for a field trip form later this week.
  • Thursday, November 7: Remembrance Day Assembly after recess
  • Friday, November 8: Professional Day. There is no school for students.
  • Monday, November 11: Remembrance Day. This is a holiday for staff and students.

First Nations Lessons: In groups, students are presenting lessons on First Nations topics (transportation, shelter and clothing, ceremonies, etc.) with an emphasis on pedagogy. All presentations are designed to flow like proper lesson plans: 1) a hook to get students engaged, 2) a concrete way of teaching the content, 3) an activity to check for understanding, 4) an experience that allows the students to go deeper with their learning, and 5) closure to the lesson. Our first lesson, on trade and warfare, was a fun, dynamic learning experience which included a skit, a powerpoint presentation, and a trading simulation of pelts, salmon, eulachon and dentalium.

Federal Election: The students got to work and got hands on learning running our school-wide parallel election. A team helped count the votes, the results of which will be shared with the school on Tuesday. I hope those of you going to the polls on Monday will bring along your child.

Art: Applying Chalk Technique: After practicing the techniques we learned, students began finalizing their ravens.

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