In the Loop October 27, 2019

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will present their oral stories starting on Tuesday. Students received a planning sheet and a criteria a couple of weeks ago. There will also be conventions work and home reading.
  • Math: There will be problem-solving and math work for all students.
  • Culture: We will begin looking at European “contact” with First Nations in British Columbia. Students will work in small groups to create a Talk Show with an “Explorer”, but first each students must complete individual preparation. We will plan to present the talk shows during the week of November 4.

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSAs) for Grade 4s: Grade 4s who are writing the FSA will have two more sessions, this Monday and Tuesday.


  • Tuesday, November 5: Field Trip to Fort Langley: Please pay online and return the field trip form that was sent home last Friday. Note that we will meet at school early (8 am) on the field trip day.
  • Friday, November 8: Professional Day. There is no school for students.
  • Monday, November 11: Remembrance Day Holiday. There is no school for staff and students.

Our Very Own “Student-Teachers”: We will culminate our lessons on First Nations topics by student groups. Students are assessed mostly on their delivery of lessons (to present, teach, engage and go deep in the content), as well as on the content.

Field Trip to the Museum of Vancouver: Last Tuesday we spent the day learning about “Reconciliation and Resilience” in First Nations communities. Students participated in a treasure hunt in the c̓əsnaʔəm: The City Before the City exhibit and an activity in which they curated Coast Salish belongings on the themes of economy, ceremony and culture for a museum display.

In addition to visiting other exhibits at the museum, students had a fantastic time playing in the magical green space outside the museum.

Dancepl3y: In mid-November, Dancepl3y, a dance program funded by the PAC, will offer free classes during lunch time. We got a preview on Monday.

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