In the Loop November 3, 2019

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: A handful of students will present their oral stories on Monday. Students should complete their conventions work and be ready for a test on Thursday or next
    Montessori materials (like the Checkerboard and the Algebraic Peg Board) help students understand advanced math.

    Tuesday. We will begin Writer’s Workshop this week.

  • Math: There will be problem-solving this week. Math work will span this week and next as they are both short weeks.
  • Culture: Students will begin to write their scripts for their Talk Show with an “Explorer”. They will present the talk shows at the end of this week or the beginning of next.



  • Tuesday, November 5: Field Trip to Fort Langley: Note that we will meet in the classroom early (8 am) on the field trip day and load the busses soon after. Students need only to bring their lunches. They should dress for the cold as we will spend most of the day outside.
  • Friday, November 8: Professional Day. There is no school for students.
  • Monday, November 11: Remembrance Day Holiday. There is no school for staff or students.
  • Friday, November 15: Field trip to the Orpheum Theatre to see the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s “Wall to Wall Percussion” program. We will be back just in time for lunch, so students may still order munch-a-lunch.

First Nations Lessons: We finished up the last of student-led lessons on First Nations topics. There was lots of active learning and, ultimately, a deep understanding of the values and culture of First Nations groups of BC. The “teachers” did a fantastic job designing lesson plans and assessing their students.


We were able to make connections between the Fundamental Needs of First Nations groups and our own.

Oral Stories: Most students have presented their First Nations stories. It has been delightful to learn through stories each day. Some messages we have taken away:

  • Humans should show gratitude to animals and trees (like salmon and cedar) for providing food and shelter.
  • Listen to wisdom from elders.
  • Humans should not underestimate or ignore the spirits among them.
  • Even if you make a mistake, your community will still support you.
  • Take care of the earth.
  • Everything in nature is connected.


As you can see, our listeners were captivated:


Halloween Fun: We spent Halloween morning playing drama games. These are the only photos I got of students in their costumes!


Class Meetings: Each week a student lead our class meeting. We always begin with a territorial acknowledgement and reminders to …

have hands free,IMG_2418

turn voices off,IMG_2419

and to keep our eyes on the speaker.IMG_2421

Leaf Art with Buddies: On Friday we collected colourful gems from nature to use in collaborative nature art.




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