In the Loop November 11, 2019

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will have Home Reading. We will try to squeeze in a bit more Writer’s Workshop time, too.
  • Math: Student will continue their math work from last week. They will have a problem-solving assignment.
  • Culture: Students will have time on Tuesday to prepare their talk shows. They will present them starting on Wednesday.
  • Art: We will work with percussion this week, and if time, do some art.
  • PE: We will be in the gym for volleyball this week. A few students still are not dressing properly for PE. This is a reminder that students should have runners. Students in boots run the risk of twisting an ankle.


  • Monday, November 11–Remembrance Day holiday. No school for students.
  • Friday, November 15–Field trip to the VSO for the “Wall-to-Wall Percussion” performance. We will spend some time this week learning about and playing percussion instruments. We will leave moments after 8:55, so students should arrive at 8:50 that day. Students who are using them are reminded to bring Compass Cards. We will be back just in time for lunch so students who have ordered Munch-a-lunch will get it.
  • Week of November 18: DancePl3y starts. This lunch-time activity is offered to 4s on Wednesday 12:20 to 12:45 and to 5s and 6s on Fridays from 12:20 to 12:45. Most students have signed the required waiver to participate in their PAC-funded event. We’re hoping lots of students will participate in this fun option during the colder weather.
  • Tuesday, November 19–Assembly performance of Motown hits, also graciously funded by the PAC.
  • Tuesday, December 17–Celebration of Learning. Students will present research projects (not yet assigned) on a First Nations topic in the afternoon. Look for more details out this week. This Celebration of Learning is one of the 5 times (including goal-setting conferences, student-led conferences, and the two written report cards) when we will be “communicating  student learning.”
  • Thursday, December 19–Winter Concert. As always,  there will be a matinee and an evening concert.

Concentration: Since many of the photos in this blog show students actively learning, I wanted to include some from this week that show students learning through deep concentration. These photos are from a work period and from Writer’s Workshop. (It has been a while since we last did WW and the students were so glad to have it!)

Field Trip to Fort Langley: We had a fantastic time in Fort Langley last Tuesday. (Best field trip so far?!) It was not doubt active (if not, exhausting) learning. Students completed the “Fur Trade Challenge”, a treasure-hunt-quiz-game in the spirit of The Great American (or Canadian) Race.

We were lucky to have amazing weather, supportive chaperones, knowledgeable guides (who made us work for our tokens), and lots of time to play at the end of the program.


Ravens with Chalk Pastels: Most students have finished their ravens. They practiced quite IMG_2482 2a bit before their finals to show command of at least two techniques for pastels and with a focus on line and colour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oral Stories: We heard the last of our oral stories last week. I think students have a greater appreciation for the work (and the brains!) of storytellers.

In its Place?: This is what the primary playground’s trash can looked like after recess on Thursday. Most of the waste is from Munch-a-lunch snacks. We will be doing a better job (we need to!) with helping students know how to put their waste in the right place. Perhaps you can chat with your child at home, too.IMG_2643.jpg

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