In the Loop November 17, 2019

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will have Home Reading. We will begin a read-aloud, Fatty Legs, looking closely at its figurative language.
  • Math: Students will have a practice math assessment on grade-level skills (with a more formal assessment next week). Subsequent math work should focus on filling in any gaps. There will be a problem-solving assignment.
  • Culture: Next week we will look closer at the results of European contact with First Nations people in British Columbia. Students will discover how Hudson’s Bay Company gained a monopoly over the fur trade through a trade simulation. They will then begin a timeline of causes and effects (due the week of November 25)
  • First Nations Project: Students homework for the weekend was to 1) select and narrow down their topic for our First Nations Fair as well as to 2determine whether their topic

  • is viable. On Wednesday and Thursday I will conference individually with students about their topics. Students should have their Project Planning Sheet completed by the end of the week, though it would be helpful if they get a start on it right away. Please see and sign the list of Important Dates that was given to students last week. I expect students to have both of these sheets in class every day so I may monitor their progress. While students will have some time to work on their project at school, they are also expected to work (research, notes, writing, designing) at home over the next few weeks.


  • Week of November 18: DancePl3y starts. This lunch-time activity is offered to 4s on Wednesday 12:20-12:45 and to 5s & 6s on Fridays from 12:20-12:45. Most students have signed the required waiver to participate in this PAC-funded event. We’re hoping lots of students will participate in this fun option during the colder weather.
  • Tuesday, November 19Assembly performance of Motown hits in the afternoon, also graciously funded by the PAC.
  • Tuesday, December 17–Celebration of Learning: First Nations Fair: Students will share their research First Nations topic in the afternoon. This Celebration of Learning is one of the 5 times (including goal-setting conferences, student-led conferences, and the two written report cards) when we will be “communicating  student learning.” Please see the letter that was sent home last week for more details.
  • Thursday, December 19: Winter Concert: As always,  there will be a matinee and an evening concert.

Talk Shows: Last week, students presented animated talk shows with “explorers” based on fun (and shocking) historical facts.

Contact: As an introduction to our study of British Columbia after European contact, students played the parts of missionaries, miners, First Nations people, Indian agents, and traders in a quick “Meet and Greet”.

Fun with Percussion: As evidenced by the tapping of feet and the banging on desks last week, students were been excited by our study of percussion instruments and our field trip to see “Wall to Wall Percussion” at the VSO last Friday. We are thankful to the chaperones who joined us.

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