In the Loop November 24, 2019

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No, we’re not singing! We were trying to show you the vapour of our breath in the cold. Looks like we’ll have to wait for colder weather to pull it off.

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will be looking at figurative language and literary devices during Image result for fatty legsour read-aloud of Fatty Legs. As always there will be Home Reading, which gets recorded as part of the reading mark each week.
  • Math: Students will work on “gaps” to prepare for a formal assessment this week. There will be a problem-solving assessment.
  • Culture: Students will complete Cause-Effect Timelines chronicling the changes that European settlers and missionaries brought to First Nations communities in British Columbia. Students should bring pictures to put on their timelines. We will also look at residential schools.
  • First Nations Project: This week, I will continue to meet with students to help them refine their critical questions and to make sure they are on track with their projects. I will also be checking their note-taking progress. Please sign the project schedule (handout) if you have not already. I will present lessons for turning notes into information paragraphs. We will also start to think about the physical presentation of the project.


  • DancePl3y continues this week This lunch-time activity is offered to 4s on Wednesday 12:20-12:45 and to 5s & 6s on Fridays from 12:20-12:45. Most students have signed the required waiver to participate in this PAC-funded event. We’re hoping lots of students will participate in this fun option during the colder weather.
  • Wednesday, November 27: Field trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery, “Transits and Returns” + Art Workshop: Thank you for being flexible with this last minute addition. Thank you, even more, to the parents who volunteered to drive within hours of my request. We are good to go. While we have arranged for parent drivers, be sure to check your email in case we find that the busses will be running on Wednesday. It looks like it will be a cold, dry day. We will plan to eat lunch outside the gallery near the ice skating rink. Students who ordered munch-a-lunch will get it before we leave the school. We should be back at school by 3pm since we are using parent drivers.
  • Thursday, December 12: Field trip to Mixed Nuts: We will make our annual trip to see Arts Umbrella’s dance company perform their unique version of the Nutcracker. Please see the field trip form that will be sent home this week.
  • Tuesday, December 17–Celebration of Learning: First Nations Fair: Students will
    Last week we talked about using critical thinking when selecting and reading our sources.

    share their research First Nations topic in the afternoon. This Celebration of Learning is one of the 5 times (including goal-setting conferences, student-led conferences, and the two written report cards) when we will be “communicating  student learning.” Please see the letter that was sent home last week for more details.

  • Thursday, December 19: Winter Concert: As always, there will be a matinee and an evening concert.

Holiday HappeningsThe winter holidays come upon us quickly. I wanted to let you know some things to expect. Please let me know if your holiday plans mean that your child will be missing school.

  • Holiday Hampers are being organized school wide. Though the information is not yet on the school blog, it will be soon.
  • In addition, our class will be putting together “Care boxes” for the homeless. This is an optional activity. Please see the letter that will be sent home next week.
  • Our winter concert during the last week before the break–plus lots of practicing in between.
  • A “Secret Santa” gift exchange is usually organized by the students and takes place the last week before the break.

Market Forces during the Fur Trade: Last week we did a simulation of the fur trade, illustrating the trade patterns between European settlers and First Nations, as well as the way the Hudson’s Bay Company became the sole fur trader in BC.

Ta, Ta, Ti, Ti, Ta: We are teaming up with Division 4 to sing our Winter Concert song. Mr McDonough is taking the lead on teaching us the (incredibly complicated) layers of percussion. For students who would like to practice at home, the song (and percussion tutorial) is linked to the student blog,

Health: E-Cigarettes: Last week we learned about the difference between regular Image result for vaping marketing to youthcigarettes and e-cigarettes, as well as the way the vaping industry markets to youth. Before we even read about it, students showed they were incredibly informed and they had excellent questions.

Drawing Warm-Ups: We did more drawing warm-ups last week, focusing on: 1) holding our pencil loosely and 2) moving our entire arm as we draw.

A Frosty Walk: We had fun this week walking (and jumping) in the cold.

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