In the Loop December 1, 2019

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will begin their visual (a given template) demonstrating the literary elements and devices in Fatty Legs. It will be due the following week. Home Reading (including a parent signature in the planner) is also due.
  • Math: A formal assessment was postponed to this week. Students will continue to work on “gaps”. There will be a problem-solving assignment.

    IMG_2782 2
    In math problem-solving, we are first interested in how to get the answer.
  • Culture: This week there will be assignments related to the Indian Act and its effects on First Nations.
  • First Nations Project: Last week I checked students notes and gave them feedback on their subtopics and critical questions. Next week, we will spend time in class writing paragraphs from notes. Students should have most of their paragraphs drafted by next Sunday (12/8) so they can spend the following week finalizing them and preparing their visual. They are expected to complete some of this work at home.


  • DancePl3y continues this week This lunch-time activity is offered to 4s on Wednesday 12:20-12:45 and to 5s & 6s on Fridays from 12:20-12:45. Most students have signed the required waiver to participate in this PAC-funded event. We’re hoping lots of students will participate in this fun option during the colder weather.
  • Thursday, December 12: Field trip to Mixed Nuts: We will make our annual trip to see Arts Umbrella’s dance company perform their unique version of the Nutcracker.
  • Monday, December 16: In-class guest speaker on aboriginal law.
  • Monday, December 16: Assembly performance, “Release the Rhythm Interactive Show” by Daniel Duggan, a local drummer.
  • Tuesday, December 17–Celebration of Learning: First Nations Fair: Students will
    share their research First Nations topic in the afternoon. This Celebration of Learning is one of the 5 times (including goal-setting conferences, student-led conferences, and the two written report cards) when we will be “communicating  student learning.”
  • Thursday, December 19: Winter Concert: There will be a matinee and an evening concert. Students who are not able to attend the evening concert should let me know.

Holiday Happenings: As a reminder, here are some things to expect during the next few weeks:

  • Holiday Hampers: Look for updates via email from our class parent. I think we’re almost done. Good job, Division 17 families!Image result for holiday charity
  • A slight revision to our “Care boxes” for the homeless–the teachers realize it might be easier to bring a “Care bag”. If you have not already brought a box, please consider bringing a nice holiday bag. We will start filling the bags/boxes with supplies the week of December 9. As a reminder, this is an optional activity.
  • The winter concert is during the last week before the break. There will be lots of practicing in between. Please make sure to order your tickets (on a red form) by next Friday, December 6 if you have not already. (Tickets are ordered through the youngest sibling in each family.)
  • A “Secret Santa” gift exchange is usually organized by the students and takes place the last week before the break.

Field Trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery: Students saw cutting edge work from indigenous artists across the Great Ocean (the Pacific Rim). The ways artists worked with themes of movement, identity, representation and colonialism, as well as ways they build connections to their culture and other indigenous people today. I am very grateful to the parents who helped us get everyone there safely and who stayed to chaperone.

Residential Schools: We did a simulation related to reserves and residential schools. Some students, who were given paper doll “children” were asked to sit in a specific place on the carpet. Later their “children” were taken and put in a “residential school” set up by “Indian agents” in another part of the room. The “parents” said, “Do we have to (give up our child)?”, “You can’t force us.”, “I want to keep my child safe.” In our debriefing, students talked about what it felt like to be the parents (“They treated us like we couldn’t take care of ourselves”) and the Indian agents. Next week we will look more closely at the legal laws used to control First Nations of BC.

IMG_2784White Winter Hymnal“: As you probably know, we have been practicing lots for our Winter Concert song. We have taken on a challenging song, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Each practice, students with the same parts practice in groups.


Outside Play: We had lots of fun outside play this week…finally it was cold enough so that you could see our breath!IMG_2806IMG_2809

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