In the Loop December 22, 2019

Work for January:

  • Language: We will have weekly etymology assignments, while in class we will do Writers Workshop. As always, there will be Home Reading. (It is during this time in the year, after lots of writing in our projects, that I can see a clear connection between students’ reading habits and the quality of their writing.)
  • Math: There will be weekly problem-solving related to our focus for math this term: fraction and decimals.
  • Culture: During the next (short) term students will be studying chemistry and the scientific method (in preparation for the Science Fair in early March). When we return to school in January, students will do some hands-on exploration with matter to inform our learning. Students will also receive a planning sheet and expectations for the Science Fair which includes choices for projects: 1) designing and conducting a science experiment, 2) researching a “big question”, or 3) “discovery science”–observing a scientific phenomenon and then drawing conclusions. It is not too soon to think about ideas for the Science Fair project.

Calendar for January: There are no scheduled field trips for January (but wait until February…).

  • Monday, January 6: Classes begin again for 2020.
  • Fridays: A group of Magee Leaders will come to teach our class drama activities.
  • Monday, January 20: Professional Day. There is no school for students.
  • Friday, January 31: Formal written report cards will be sent home with students. As a reminder, there have been two assessment events so far this year: goal-setting conferences in October and our Celebration of Learning (First Nations Fair) on December 17. Two more assessment events are planned: Student-led conferences on April 6 and 8 and final report cards sent home with students on the last day of school, June 25.

Guest Speaker, Myriam Brulot: On Monday, Myriam Brulot, a lawyer who works with aboriginal groups, came to the class to share with us her work on recent cases involving water access and land settlements.

First Nations Fair: For those of you who were able to join us, you saw that our First Nations Fair was a rich experience with a wide range of topics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition to being marked on their research, visual, content and writing, students were evaluated for their critical thinking and engagement. For our visitors, the highlight was the seeing our class’ engagement.

Holiday Giving and Fun: After our all hard work with three projects, hosting the First Nations Fair and delivering three singing performances (not to mention putting together care bags for the Lookout Society) we had time for giving and games.

Gifts were delivered to the Lookout Society with Ms. Adams last Tuesday.

Students ran the Secret Santa event on Wednesday and Thursday.

They also ran our drama games…including a First Nations one.


From students, we learned the story behind the Hannukah tradition of lighting the menorah.

peace dove

Happy Holidays: I wanted to take the time to wish Division 17 families a happy holiday, as well as to share my gratitude for your generosity and support. Everyday, I am thankful for the kindness and wonder students bring to class. I wish you all a restful holiday.

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