In the Loop January 12, 2020

IMG_3446Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: We will continue the work we started last week: daily Writers Workshop  lessons and writing, Readers workshop with written responses, etymology assignments (with a quiz this Friday), and Home Reading.
  • Math: Math notebooks are due at the end of the week with the expectation that students are showing progress in the (fraction) work I have assigned them individually based on an assessment in December. There will be problem-solving for each grade plus a “BEDMAS” quiz for grade 6s.
  • Culture: Next week we will do a lab to look at the effect of temperature on matter. We will also look at some science basics: lab safety and measurements.
  • Science Fair:  Students should continue to search for a topic for the Science Fair. A detailed packet went home with students last week presenting options (experiment, prolonged observation or researching a big question), criteria and timeline. The packet should be signed by a parent by next Friday. Next week students should complete proposals that will also be due Friday. The date of the Science Fair is TBA, likely early March. There are links for ideas on the student blog.
  • Health: We will continue to explore emotions and appropriate behaviours in our unit on Mental Health and Wellness. Students made fantastic insights about how we might perceive things differently and how our behaviour can affect others’ emotions.IMG_3455IMG_3456
  • PE: We have started a basketball unit for PE. Students must have proper footwear (with no-slip soles and ankle support) on Tuesdays and Thursdays to participate in PE.


  • Monday, January 13: Assembly in the gym at 9:30.
  • Monday, January 20: Pro-D. No school for students.
  • Monday, February 3: Field Trip to Science Fair.

Writers Workshop: We have begun Writers Workshop which follows a basic format of : lesson, prompt + extended writing time and sharing. Right now we are looking for and generating written ideas. In the weeks to come we will look at how to make ideas colourful and specific, organize the body of writing, and choose precise words and phrases.

Exploring with Matter: This week, to launch our chemistry unit, we “played” with matter, shared our observations and then “played” again with more focus, allowing us to go deeper in our understanding. We talked about how all humans every day ask questions and observe their environment to make sense of it–and that scientists take it a step further with more discipline and control to make conclusions. We also looked at the the scale of matter in our universe before considering the behaviour of matter at the molecular level.

Games for Learning: Thanks to the Montessori PAC funding, our class has a rich and well-curated library of games that involve strategy, patterning and sequencing, and logic. We spent some time learning games and will spend more time in the future building our community (and our brains) by playing them. Thanks to the students who helped to teach them!

Our First Snow: We had a surprise and adventure Friday morning with a romp in the snow. With more snow predicted, please assure that your child is dressed for Friday morning walks–rain, shine, or snow. It is also a great idea to pack an extra pair of dry (!) socks each day.



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