In the Loop January 19, 2020


Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: We will continue to do Writers Workshop three times a week with a greater focus on word choice and revising. Readers workshop responses will focus on character and word choice. There will be an etymology assignment, and as always, daily Home Reading. For Reader’s Workshop (everyday), it is important for their critical responses that students have (the same) novel to read every day.
  • Math: Students should continue to work on individually assigned fraction work in their math notebooks. There will be a problem-solving assignment for each grade.
  • Culture: We will continue to look at the behaviour of gasses, solids and liquids before looking at changes in the states of matter.
  • Science Fair:  Students will receive feedback on their science proposals this week. Next week students should be designing their experiment (if doing hypothesis-based science) or taking research notes (if they are pursuing a big question). As a reminder, the date of the Science Fair is TBA, likely early March. There are links for ideas on the student blog.
  • Health: We will look at strategies for managing an “uncomfortable” emotion, anger, including “reframing” our thinking. You may find some of the language we use in class to be helpful at home–ask your child about the strategies we are learning.
  • PE: We continue to play basketball during PE. As a reminder, students must have proper footwear (with no-slip soles and ankle support) on Tuesdays and Thursdays to participate in PE–even if it means brining a change of shoes during this wintery weather.


  • Monday, January 20: Pro-D. No school for students.
  • Monday, February 3: Field Trip to Science Fair. Please return the field trip form to school by Wednesday, January 22, if you have not already.

Chemistry: We have been working on asking questions, observing closely, and drawing reasonable conclusions about matter–such as, the speed to which molecules move in hot and cold water. In other words, carefully walking through the Scientific Method is an important part of our science unit. IMG_3462IMG_3459IMG_3460

Health: Last week we scenarios to help us identify 1) comfortable and uncomfortable feelings and 2) appropriate and inappropriate ways of responding to them.

Snow(y) Day: Students were busy last week in class…and in the snow!


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