In the Loop February 9, 2020

IMG_3758 2Assignments for the Week:

  • Language:  There will be an etymology assignment with a test for all grades on Friday. Students have been recording exceptional words and phrases from their novels in their Reading Journals. These are due on Thursday. We will begin drafting new work in our Writer’s Notebooks. As always, daily Home Reading.
  • Math: Students will have individually assigned math work related to decimals, as well as a problem-solving assignment.
  • Culture: For chemistry, we will at states of matter and phase changes.
  • Science Fair:  Students who are designing and conducting experiments should have written all parts of the assignment that precede conducting the experiment. Those students who have conducting their experiments will want to be sure they have clearly recorded their observations and data. Students who are pursuing a big question should begin drafting paragraphs with subtopics. They should start thinking about how they will design their visual. Please see the “Timeline for Science Projects” on the back of the science fair packet. As a reminder, I am expecting that most of the project work will happen at home and that parents will support their child by reviewing the progress and expectations.
  • Health: Last week we talked about some of the physical changes that occur during during puberty. This week we will talk about how to manage some of those changes.
  • PE: During our basketball unit, please be sure your child has proper footwear on Tuesdays and Thursdays in order to participate in PE.

Forms: Please see the notice and consent form that went home with students last week Forms cliparts related to a UBC study on truth telling. Students with signed consent forms will be interviewed by UBC researchers during the week of February 18.


  • Tuesdays, February 11, 18, and 25: STEAM Program: Our class will be participating in a “Pixl Art Digital Animation” workshop presented by Zen Maker Labs. All intermediate classes will be participating in these workshops. Our sessions take place on Tuesday mornings. Please see the notice for payment that will be emailed to parents. I believe the cost is $6 per student. 
  • Tuesday, February 11: Field Trip to Carousel Theatre to see Axis Theatre’s “Th’owxiya: The Hungry Feast”, a retelling of a Kwantlen story. We will leave school at 11:00 and return by 3:00. Students should dress for the weather and walking, and bring a lunch and a Compass Card (if using).
  • Friday, February 14: Professional Day–No school for students.
  • Monday, February 17: Family Day–No school for students and teachers.
  • Tuesday, February 18: Artist-in-Residence, Ingrid Sulston, will visit our class to do hands-on chemistry activities. Please see the notice that goes home this week requesting $5 to be paid online.

Field trip to Science World: We had a busy day at Science World last week, including an adventurous day with hands-on chemistry explorations,

…a screening of an Omnibus film, “Arctic Wonder,” and lots of time for free exploration:

We are grateful to the parent chaperones who kept up with our active class.

Chemistry: Last week we explored buoyancy–which materials were buoyant and how to make them more or less buoyant.

Art: Students have worked for a month on their sketchbooks drawing contours and parts of objects and practicing techniques for shading. I hope you appreciate the uniqueness and care in their work.

The Writing Process: Students have taken the time to carefully work through the Writing Process (brainstorming, drafting, revising, drafting again, editing and publishing), resulting in well-crafted writing pieces.

Drama with Magee Leaders: This week students practiced improv and movement with “Last One to…” and “Where have my fingers been?”.

Here is the WODB (Which One Doesn’t Belong) from last week:IMG_3642


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