In the Loop February 17, 2020

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: During this short week we will start a new Writer’s Workshop piece. There will be Home Reading, as always. We will likely skip etymology this week as it is a short week. Students will have writing to do in their Reading Journals.
  • Math: Students just started to work on decimals. Each week, I individually assign work for students–it is their responsibility to make progress on the work I have selected for them. Math notebooks will be due Thursday, February 27. There will be a problem-solving assignment.IMG_3850
  • Science (Chemistry): In addition to our work with Scientist-in-Residence, Ingrid Sulston, we will continue to evaluate chemical changes as either physical and chemical. Next week we will begin to look at the different types of mixtures.
  • Science Fair: With just under 3 weeks left for our projects, students should have the bulk of the content completed on their projects. That is to say, students who are doing experimental science should have collected their data and begun planning their visual display. Students who are working on a Big Question should be done with their research and organizing their ideas into drafts. Their next step is typing their drafts and preparing the visual. The expectation is that the bulk of this work is being completed at home.
  • Health: We will continue to look at changes that happen for males and females during puberty.IMG_3852
  • PE: Please make sure your child comes dressed properly for PE. Students (with rain boots only) have had to sit out most days. We will be doing basketball and indoor soccer these next two weeks.

Calendar: During this week, UBC researchers will survey only those students whose parents have signed and consented to their child’s participation in the truthfulness study.

  • Tuesday, February 18 and Tuesday, February 25: STEAM Lab with Zen Maker Labs.
  • Tuesday, February 18: Scientist-in-Residence, Ingrid Sulston, will come to our class to do hands-on chemistry activities. Please pay online if you have not already.
  • Thursday, March 5: School-wide Science Fair in the afternoon.
  • Spring Break: March 14 to March-29

Field Trip to “Th’owxiya: The Hungry Feast Dish”: We had a smooth trip to see this retelling of a Kwantlen First Nations story. Students were excellent audience members, possibly due to the active, sunshiney play they had before and after the performance. We are thankful to the parent chaperones who joined us.


Zen Maker Labs: On Tuesday, students began the first of three sessions in a pixel animation workshop.

Chocolate Sales and Grade 6 Camp: Boxes of Purdy chocolates were distributed to grade 6s to sell as a fundraiser for Grade 6 Camp. (This effort has helped to decrease the cost of camp by $50 in the past.) Grade 4s and 5s who are interested may also sell Purdyschocolates if they have permission–just send me an email letting me know. (A couple parents already have.) If you get a chance, send a thank you to Tammy Chang, parent of Charlotte and ___. She is running the fundraising by herself–and she doesn’t even have children in grade 6! I am not involved in running the chocolate sales, but will pass on any questions or requests students have to Tammy. While we’re at it, Grade 6 Camp is scheduled for June 3-5.

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