In the Loop February 23, 2020

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: This week there will be etymology and home reading. For Writer’s Workshop, students should have a draft of a new piece for the end of the week. (Final drafts will be due the week of March 9.)
  • Math: Students did lots of math work this week, and should continue with decimal work. There will be a problem-solving assignment.IMG_3943
  • Culture: In Chemistry, we will look at types of mixtures and methods for separating them.
  • Health: We will continue to look at changes during puberty. This is a great time to ask your child, openly, “Any questions?” I might add, your child is more likely to be willing to talk now than he or she will in a few years.
  • Science Fair: We are down to the last stretch with the Science Fair. (See dates below.) All students last week completed a “Check-up” form communicating their progress so far and all students got feedback from me. Please review this “Check up” sheet with your child as well as the Science Fair Evaluation sheet that was sent home with students last Friday. Parents, putting together a project like this is a “big deal” for the students. An elaborate project like this is still new for students in grade 4, but also those in grade 5 and 6. The intermediate years are a great time for students to develop their research skills and their project management skills. I emphasize the word “develop” because this is part of the learning process–and some students, admittedly, aren’t quite “there” yet–but they will be! They need the practice!


  • Tuesday, February 25: Maker Space in the morning. (Last day).
  • Wednesday, February 26: Pink Shirt Day: Students are encouraged to wear a pink shirt. We will be participating in the school-wide assembly in the afternoon. Hint:
  • Tuesday, March 3: We will present Science Fair projects in class, so they should be complete.
  • Thursday, March 5: Science Fair: This is the date of the school-wide fair.

Science with Ingrid: Scientist, Ingrid Sulston, visited our class last Tuesday. Ingrid set up explorations with crystallization and acids and bases, and pushed students to play, observe, submit data, question, and make sense of what we noticed. In short time, students gained deep experience and understanding of the chemistry concepts.

More Hands-on Science: I am grateful to Montessori PAC funds that help me provide more hands-on chemistry explorations to students in the classroom.

Drama with Magee Leaders:On Friday, the leaders put students in to small groups that will work together for the next few weeks.

Capture the Flag with Division 16: We had a blast playing with Div. 16 last Friday. We will have to do it again!


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