In the Loop March 1, 2020


Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: On Monday, we will peer-revise first drafts of our latest pieces. Students should be ready with their complete drafts. By the end of the week, the second IMG_3977drafts should be complete. Final drafts will be due the week of March 9. Etymology was cancelled last week, but we will have it for the next two weeks, including a quiz on Friday, March 13. Home Reading, as always, is expected.
  • Math: Math work this week will continue to focus on decimals. Some students may revisit fraction work depending on how they did on a recent assessment. There will be a problem-solving assignment.
  • Culture: We will finish up work on separating mixtures on Monday. The rest of our science work for the week will be related to the Science Fair.
  • Science Fair: Students should be prepared to speak informally, but fluently, about their science fair projects. Presentations will happen on Tuesday and Wednesday. See more below.
  • PE: This week and next we will be doing gymnastics for PE. Students should dress in loose pants and be prepared to move about in their socks.

Calendar: Here are some important dates as we look in to spring.

  • Thursday, March 5: Science Fair: This open-house style event will run from 1:00-3:00 in all intermediate classrooms. Please join us.
  • Monday, March 9: School-wide Assembly in the morning.
  • Friday, March 13: Last Day of Classes before Spring Break
  • Monday, March 30: First Day of Classes after Spring Break
  • Thursday, April 2: Panoramic School Photo
  • Monday, April 6 and Wednesday, April 8: Student-led Conferences Please use the form that will go home with students next week to sign up for your conference.
  • Friday, April 10 and Monday, April 13: Good Friday and Easter holidays. There is no school for students or staff.
  • Monday, April 20 and Tuesday, April 21: Field trips to Reel2Real International Festival for Youth. I budget now with the expectation that all students will go, so please let me know if you know now that your child will not be in school.

Problem-solving in Chemistry: Mix sugar and tea leaves together. Now, separate them. How do you do it? That was one of several tasks students tried last week when we looked at types of mixtures (heterogeneous and homogeneous) and how to separate them. Students showed impressive problem-solving and group work.

Pink Shirt Day: Students were spirited and thoughtful about Pink Shirt Day. Students proudly wore their pink, surprised our assembly crowd as part of a flashmob, and critiqued the way we talk about Pink Shirt Day. In the morning we debated, “Resolved: Every day is Pink Shirt Day–so we don’t need a designated day for it. Students resoundingly urged the importance of keeping Pink Day, in part, because it is so important to share the story of its origins again and again, passing it on to the next generation.


Zen Maker Space: This was our last week with doing STEAM work with Zen Maker Labs. Students quickly learned and applied their new skills. We are thankful to Arion, the animator, and Zach, the engineer.

Drama with Magee Leaders: Students worked on the tableaux that they will be presenting next week.

Class Meetings: Class meetings continue to be an important part of our week. In addition to talking about how to make sure our classroom is running well, we often share what we know about current events. Right now, grade 4s are running our meetings. IMG_4040


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