In the Loop March 8, 2020


Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Final drafts for our second Writer’s Workshop piece are due on Friday. We will have a last etymology and then a quiz on Friday, March 13. Home Reading, as always, is expected. Depending on our schedule, their may be a current event assignment.
  • Math: We will finish up work with decimals this week, resulting in a decimal assessment on Thursday. There will be a problem-solving assignment.IMG_4135
  • Culture: We will culminate our study of chemistry with a lesson on different types of mixtures.
  • PE: Students will practice, then present gymnastics routines. They should be sure to dress appropriately for gymnastics on Tuesday and Thursday. Students are encouraged to have music to complement their routines.
  • Health: After looking at changes that come during puberty, we will look this week at how to cope with puberty.
  • Art: In their sketchbooks, students should complete one still life drawing besides the one we did in class last week. They should also complete a final work and artist statement suitable for framing.

Calendar: Here are some important dates as we look in to spring.

  • Monday, March 9: School-wide Assembly in the morning.
  • Friday, March 13: Last Day of Classes before Spring Break
  • Monday, March 30: First Day of Classes after Spring Break
  • Thursday, April 2: Panoramic School Photo
  • Monday, April 6 and Wednesday, April 8: Student-led Conferences For families who have returned their requested times, I have scheduled conferences. I will send these home with students next week. If your child has not yet turned theirs in, please do so as soon as possible. Note that all the time slots before 3pm are filled on both days.
  • Friday, April 10 and Monday, April 13: Good Friday and Easter holidays. There is no school for students or staff.
  • Monday, April 20 and Tuesday, April 21: Field trips to Reel2Real International Festival for Youth. I budget now with the expectation that all students will go, so please let me know if you know now that your child will not be in school.
  • Tuesday, April 28: Field Trip to Cleveland Dam: We will need parent drivers for this trip. I will arrange this after the break, but if you know you now you are available to drive, please let me know.

Science Fair: I don’t know that I have fully made clear to the students how impressed I was with their work for the Science Fair. I will first mention planning skills because this was difficult! Adjusting for the unexpected research and experimental challenges was an important part of their learning. Some students had to majorly redesign their experiments. Some students had to draw conclusions from limited data (and plants that didn’t grow as much as they hoped!). Some students had experiments that were weather dependent and they had to wait for a sunny day (in February!). Some students didn’t love their original topic and chose to change it at the last minute. All of these are “expected unexpecteds” with designing a project, and they problem-solved their way through the rough patches–or at least came up with good ideas for what they would do next time. Also impressive were the creative and nuanced ideas they pursued and the solid, evidence-based reasoning behind their work. Listening to them explain their processes and conclusions during in-class presentations made me so proud!

The projects:

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The Science Fair:

Drama with Magee Leaders: Students presented tableaux inspired by superheroes.

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Art: Still Life: On Friday we practiced techniques for drawing still lines in proportion.

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